Wine - Classic


Perfection does in fact exist in this fruity and delicious concoction! This deep purple hue is both charm and sophistication entwined.

Our nail powders are applied by brushing the powder onto your nail to achieve amazing results in minutes. Our 16 free formulation also means you will not be damaging your nails in the process as it doesn't contain the harmful chemicals found in most nail products. Pair this nail powder color with our Deluxe Nail Powder Set for amazing salon-quality results but in the comfort of your own home.

Weight: 1.5g

or 4 interest-free payments of $6.25


OUR SYSTEM IS UNIQUE: The Sistaco Mineral Bond system is the only mineral based nail powder range offered that you simply brush on. With hundreds of colours available, this is not a dipping powder (which is made up of finely ground plastic particles) and you can mix your powders to make your own shades.

PROFESSIONAL FINISH: Get a professional look quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home. You won’t believe how easy this is!

LONG-LASTING: Our system lasts up to 2 weeks and even if you damage, you can simply top up without removing completely. That’s the benefit of a mineral powder system.

MONEY SAVING: Let’s face it, it’s tough finding the time and the money to go to a salon continually. Our system will save you thousands over the year and with so many shades in our range, you will never be bored.

VEGAN: Our founders are Vegan, hence Sistaco does not advocate the use of any animal by-product in our formulations.





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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Best nail products ever!

I decided to purchased a kit after much thought, reading many reviews and the desire to be able to do my own nails. I've tried nail salons regular polish, gel polish, different dip powders and not only is it pricey, takes planning to go to the salon, but it was also horrible on my nails. I've had my kit now for about 3 months and I get so many compliments, I can do them on my time anytime, no salon hours to deal with and the best part is there are so many options. This system allows you to create your style, finish and colors by mixing, matching powders. It has been long lasting for me, I can usually get 3 weeks of wear.

Lyndell Manson
You say Wine, I say Wine-ot?

This colour is a great all rounder, and very versatile. It was a little more brown or less purple than I expected, but aside from that it is a great colour.
Seen in the image with a Saphire classic application ombre

Lyndall McWilliams McWilliams

I just love colour

Ali L
Wine - Classic

An absolutely gorgeous deep wine colour. So easy to apply and my first application has lasted 3+ weeks. Love Sistaco so much, but be warned it is definitely addictive.

Michele Booth
Wine time

Wine is such a beautiful warm Winter colour so rich and elegant looks amazing on short or long nails it's a winner .

Deborah A
What a Colour

Wine is one of my favourite colours, I find it easy to apply and the colour is rich and deep. Can be used alone or mixed with other colours.

Poppy Clark
Gorgeous colour

The Classic Wine powder is sumptuous and has really great coverage. My new favourite!

Rhonda Treasure

Wine - Classic

Diane Sidenberg
Love the colour

This is a very nice, lightly frosted burgundy colour which I really like.

Judith waters
Wine color

The product was excellent.

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