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Mineral Bond Nail Set
Tracey Williams
Worth it!

I was skeptical but intrigued when I saw the advertisement but decided to give the product a try. I love it! My first manicure was a success. The product is quick and easy to apply,.

Amazing stuff!!

I tried so many healthier products that didn’t work, so I hesitated to jump on the Sistaco Mineral Bond. My first order was the 3 color set - big mistake!
The system is super easy to apply - after reading all the wonderful tips and tricks on Sistaco Collective - and it stayed on decent the first time around (improved since with practice). But the best part is that I can put it on my peeling nails and it doesn’t get worse! In fact I find it protective and allows my nails to grow (usually cut to the quick to manage the peeling). My most vulnerable time is between manis…. My recommendation - buy the 6 color sets, because you will be back doing just that anyhow! Love this system, thanks Sistaco!

Exceptional product

I was a bit sceptical because I’ve been burnt on different products offered through Facebook.
It seemed almost too good to be true but honestly this nail system lives up to the hype and more . There is a very good reason the Sistahood is so strong (just like your nails will be). I’ve tried other nail products, either they didn’t do much or were great on the first application but once removed, seemed to make my nails weaker.
The colours are gorgeous, and it lasts. I’m very hard on my nails but after a week, only have a few small chips which can easily be touched up.
Truly addictive and fun. Taking the time to prep your nails and apply the base coat makes all the difference. I’ve had salon nails that don’t last this long and again seemed to weaken my nails after.
I 100% guarantee that anyone would be thrilled with this system. It is magnificent.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Lailah Rose Bowie
Sistaco - Game Changer!!!

I’m in LOVE with this system!!!! I’ve never been able to have pretty nails (that last) until now 😍😍

Great powders

Really nice colours and easy to apply

The Nail Game Changer

I began painting my nails as a very young girl, age 8 or 9. I loved seeing my nails all done up and pretty but always knew it would be short lived. It would start chipping and I would just leave it go for days. Too lazy I guess to clean it all off. As I got older it was just a special occasion thing to do because I knew it wouldn’t last more than a day. I eventually just filed and buffed my nails and gave up on polish all together. I didn’t like what I heard about all the things they can do at a salon and I’m not one to spend that kind of money it took to have that in my life. And Sistaco started showing up on my Facebook! And it didn’t take long for me to decide this looked different. And I wanted to give it a try. The time my first order took to get to me seemed like months! I was so excited I actually put in 2 more orders before the first order arrived. And it’s all been an investment in my happiness because Sistaco has given me what I have been wanting since those very early days…beautiful nails that actually stay beautiful for 2 weeks! I’ve been using this system for 4 months now and my nails are in fabulous shape! I couldn’t be happier and it’s certainly been a game changer for me.

Dark Violet - Classic
Jennifer Suzuki
Love purples!

This is a great colour for purple lovers and works with so many other colours for ombre effects that are so easy and fun to do.

Absolutely in love with Sistaco!

This mineral powder system is a game-changer. Not only is it quick and easy to use, the colours are absolutely beautiful too! A manicure can last me 2 weeks without chipping before I want to change colour. I highly recommend Sistaco!

Photo features the stunning colour Flamingo.

A gorgeous pink!

Pastel Pink is an absolutely beautiful shade of pink.

A stunning pale pink!

Ophelia is a beautiful pale pink with a subtle hint of peach.

Sustainable Nails ❤️

Wow, can’t believe how quick and easy the sustainable nails are to apply. I took the first set off after 17 days just so I could put another set, easy to get off with no damage to nails underneath. I have had another set onfor 10 days with no sign of coming off. I have had a lot of comments on how good they look 💅

Sustainable nails

I can’t recommend these nails enough as I love wearing these. Once on you couldn’t tell I was wearing false nails and they feel great as well. I had mine on for 19 days but wanted a change of colour so took them off. My nails underneath were in perfect condition . I just can’t get enough of these nails so try them now and you won’t be disappointed

Simple and user friendly

I can not believe who easy this product is to use! I love the concept and the colours blow my mind


Sistaco has totally changed me from someone who never even filed my nails to now going all out and doing my nails weekly. I love how easy the process is and I must have 50 colours now. I'm admitting I'm proud of my Sistaco addiction

Love, love love!

I love this stuff! Easy to use and has made my nails stronger. My one and only complai t is that the classic colors don't last quite as long as the metallic and holographic, maybe because of the different application technique. Otherwise, it's perfect!

I love my Sistaco Mineral Bond

I truly love these products, my nails look beautiful, I’ve done 4 manicures so far and my application has improved each time, practice does make perfect. It really lasts so well, I work in a tile shop and I’m not gentle at all on my nails, but 2 weeks in with my with most recent manicure it looks like I’ve just done it. I have been changing colours weekly up until now , not because I have to but because I have so many beautiful colours to try out.
Great products, would highly recommend.

Express Remover
Paula Scholl
Easy removal

Did my first removal last week with the express remover, it is very thick and several times I wiped the brush on a paper towel so it wasn’t getting back into the bottle. Overall worked well most all removed after the second application. Did not damage my nails at all.

Sustainable Nails - Merlot - Oval
Cherrylmaree Rudd
Sustainable Nails - Merlot

I have never used 'stick on' nails before and was thrilled with how simple and quick the application was. I shaped the nails to suit my hands and they looked very natural. I have recieved many compliments and enquiries about them. They were on for 3 weeks before I changed to another colour and with every day wear, I only had 2 on my dominant hand which were a little bit loose. Great product and beaultiful colour, especially with Gloss Top Coat applied..


This nail system is to die for!
I love that it's incredibly easy to apply and your mani /pedi looks utterly fabulous. Some colours require a little more work to achieve the colour or finish you want but the fact that once you cure/set your nails under the lamp - you're all set to go with NO smudges! Incredible 💗💗💗
There's also a fb group with tips/tricks from real people who love sharing their creations.
I started with my deluxe kit and only 3 colours but 4 weeks later I now own over 36 colours. This system is truly addictive. The removal isn't as easy as the application but once you get the hang of it ... its great. I love that my mani lasts at least a week (sometimes 2 weeks) with no chips and my nails are stronger than ever. If you don't have this system... what are you waiting for - go out and buy it! You won't regret it 🙌

Sustainable Nails - Merlot - Oval
Lisa Kanne
Beautiful and Easy !

Beautiful. Easy to put on and lasted well ove a week. I've ordered more colours and shapes to give me options.

Rapid Removal Hub

This is the third time using the Rapid Removal Hub. I used an emery board to lightly take off the top coat. Then I used the Hub as directed, and it removed most of the colour. I then used a scrub to gently remove the rest of the colour. It is so easy to use and it works beautifully and is gentle on my nails. I love it!!

Love love love it

I have had my gel nails removed 4 months ago and now am my own professional nail person I’m loving the product and they look great and are super strong and glamourous


Love this colour done in holographic. It is stunning

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Annette Broughton

Just received my second order from you and am disappointed to find one of the powders is only about a third full. Everything else looks good.

Watermelon - Classic
Laurel McDermott

Beautiful, bright, summer colour. Sistaco is so amazing, easy to apply and long lasting.

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