All Sistaco LED lights have a warranty of 1 year. Please note that this warranty is for factory defects and is not valid if the product has any damage to it. You must supply an original receipt for proof of purchase.

Colour Representation

Every effort is made to ensure that all our product imagery is an accurate representation of the colour you will receive. Our photography is professional to ensure accurate images, however, your computer may make the colours vary slightly due to colour/resolution settings. We cannot accept any responsibility for any variation.

Are Sistaco Nail powders just the same as SNS or Dipping Powder?

SNS or Dipping powder, is basically Coloured Acrylic powder.Infact the base ingredients are the same as ‘Crazy Glue’ Sistaco Powders are a true powder that is Mineral based.

How much product does one Sistaco bottle hold?

Our nail bottles are filled by machine and hold 15ml (as opposed to the usual 10ml) and will last on average 20+ full manicures or pedicures! In the rare chance of faulty machinery, Sistaco does not accept any responsibility for slight error in the quantity filled.

How much powder does our nail powder containers hold?

Our gorgeous nail powder containers hold between 0.75g and 3 gms of powder and the amount the powder container will look to be filled will depend on how fine the pigment size of the mineral powder inside. Sistaco’s fabulous colours are often mixed and weighed by hand and every effort is made to ensure that the exact gram weight is as required. Sistaco accepts no responsibility if on the rare occasion this varies slightly.

Are your products Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Sistaco was founded by owners that are practicing Vegans and also contribute and are involved with Animal Charities. As a brand we would never advocate the use of any animal in testing of any product that we produce. So the simple answer is ‘They sure are’!

Potential Allergies and Reactions – The facts!

Almost any substance, natural or man-made can cause a reaction to somebody, somewhere. Everybody is different and you could find that you have a reaction to something that thousands of others would use without any problem. Some people are allergic to wheat for example and others are not. Sistaco nail products are designed for the nail plate and not for the skin. Reactions are very rarely caused by the product being applied as it should; the nail plate being keratin acts as a good barrier. If our product does go onto the skin it should be removed immediately with a damp cloth or wipe. Do not use on damaged nails. Although unfortunate, a reaction does not mean that the product is not safe for the general population and all of our products are government approved as safe and non-toxic. The base and top coat of our system are in fact 16-free.  In the extremely unlikely circumstance that a user has a slight reaction, please remove the product immediately and discontinue use. Most reactions to any product are very minor and will clear up by themselves quickly after usage is stopped. All our products are tested and are compliant with worldwide cosmetic standards.


Nail Care - So Important!

Sistaco believe that nail care is vital in order to have strong and healthy nails.  This includes using a good quality cuticle oil on the nails regularly and also taking a good multi-vitamin specifically for nails. Diet is also fundamental to good nail health. As a good extra step; Apple Cider Vinegar is reputed to have great nutrients for nails and a soak in this occasionally is also antibacterial.   More info on this can be found through a search on the internet. Finally be extra gentle with removal so as not to scrape off the top layer of your nails and do not use an electric file which will also result in a thinning of your nail bed.  Care for your nails and they will show you do!