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Pretty and durable

I am a very hands on homeowner that is always doing doing DIY’s and crafts. In the picture I am sure you can see my arthritic hands but the nail polish still look decent after a week. The application procedure was easy to do and I am very happy with this product
Love all my colors and will definitely order more.

Ruby - Metallic
Lauren Paige
Ruby and Red

I bought Ruby online but had Red delivered, I assumed it was the same thing but recently found out ruby is a darker shade. I do like the look of the red one, was just surprised it wasn't what I'd ordered.

Love this product and think I am getting the hang of it. Thanks to the help from Sistaco staff.

Love the glazes

Ordered rest of the glazes after trying Donut glaze and I can't wait to experiment with them 💗 stunning product, as always!

Lovin’ this product

I am loving this stuff! Very pretty colors and easy to apply!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Donna Lee Guillemette
I shouldn't have waited so long to order

I sat on the fence for a long time debating on whether I wanted to try yet again ANOTHER nail system. I'm glad I took the chance and made the decision to order my first kit. I ordered the deluxe kit, my only regret was not ordering the Ultimate kit. I did not want to give a full review until I used the entire system which included full color THEN removal...5 plus stars all the way around. And my nails look fantastic and healthy after removal. My only decision now is what colors do I order next. SO MANY BEAUTIFUL COLORS. As of yesterday every nail product I owned is now in someone else home. And there was every system imaginable from gels, wraps, dips, and so on. I love the ease and speed of application AND practically effortless removal and did I mention no headaches from harsh chemicals and no offensive odors. Follow the instructions to a tee and some practice and your manicures will be making you smile. Why? Because you did it yourself possibly in your jammies and it didnt break the bank! Yes I'm new to Sistaco but I love it and will continue to endorse it! So do yourself a favor, don't sit on the fence order now. You won't regret it.


Liking the nail elixir better than other ones I have tried. Not super greasy and nails and cuticles are doing great.

Simply amazing!!

I love how easy Sistaco is to apply, the gorgeous colors and my nails are growing for the first time in my life. Thank you Sistaco!!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Patricia Clark
Sistaco ❤️

I received my first Sistaco kit in June and have been amazed at the versatility and beauty of your product.
It has brought out my artistic/creative side. So amazing how each pot of mineral powder can provide so many different options.
I was never one to fuss with my nails or get them done professionally that often. Now I look forward to every new manicure and love coming up with new ideas and techniques.
My nails have also grown stronger and longer.
For anyone sitting on the fence I encourage you to jump in and start your Sistaco journey!

Jasmine Nail Elixir
Brigitte Shepherd
Best I tried

The Jasmin nail elixir truly is “food for nails”! Had some issues with nails splitting earlier this year and together with perseverance and the elixir I can now say that my nails have recovered completely! I am using it at least twice a day and wouldn’t want to be without. Thank you Sistaco!

Sistaco mineral Bonn’s set

Wow, this system is absolutely amazing, it’s so easy to use and fast !! The colours are beautiful, it might be dangerous to my bank account though because man I want to get all the colours. Customer service is awesome too. Thanks Sistaco, you’re awesome 😎

love it. so happy with my new order. cant wait to try out my new colors

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Andrea van Schalkwyk
Good product

This system is super easy to use and they look great even for a beginner to use, my only disappointment is in the durability of the product, my nails start looking tatty by week 2 and have to be redone, it’s also not as strong as I had hoped so I need to use a base builder gel with it. However, it’s the easiest product to use and remove, super quick to redo and I will probably keep using it as it’s way easier than gel!

Jade - Metallic
Eileen Margetts
JADE - Fabulous!

Lively colour. Truly is a shade shift. In sunshine, bright metallic jade to beautiful blue, indoors, slightly darker with strong blue shift in colour. Didn't like it at first but it's grown on me, love it. Until sistaco, would never have chosen this colour, but since using, I feel no colour is put of bounds. This colour is well worth a try.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Nadege Brechmann
Flirty hands

I own a cleaning buisness and have been cleaning for 20 years I had giving up on have feminine flirty hand for a long time and regular nail polish don't last and it is to much money to get it done in a nail salon
I discovered sistaco and everything has change for me I love how easy the system ease I love that it is dry and ready to move in seconds I love love love all the colors ,love how long it last even with all the scrubbing and now I get to look at my pretty nails as I work and my hands are always ready for a date night
Thank you sistaco

Nothing short of amazing!

I tend to be very “hard” on my hands. Cleaning, working full time, 2 kids (crazy boys), and I LOVE DIY’ing so normally even when I go to the salon and spend 60-80$ a visit my nails only last about a week. But Sistaco is AMAZING it last just as long as the salons and I can do my full set of nails, including taking last weeks off, in-between meetings! Love love love!

This was easy to apply and I am sure my technique will get better. The color lasted two weeks and I am not easy on my nails. It was a little challenging taking it off even with the express remover. I like how fast it is to apply, how long it lasts, and the ease from doing it from home.

Love this product!

My daughter in law and I did our nails last night and they look fabulous!
It was easy and fun and has a professionally done look.
I will definitely be buying more colors!

Mineral Bond Nail Set
A real game changer for nàiĺs and they last too!

Quick & easy and without the salon price. There's so many colours to choose from and you can mix your own too! I love the way you apply the colour/finish; with powder - it's magic! I've ònly applied it once and it's lasted two weeks. It really is a game changer.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Raeleen Robinson
Exactly as it says

After a long time I took the plunge and got my kit, I admit I was a bit sceptical, I read the booklet ,set up the lamp and opened my jar of colour, all prepared I did my first set and found it to be as good if not better then expected. I’m hard on my hands and found it dose last-better than some salon do’s-best of all my Hubby can not complain about STINKY NailPOLISH any more, he did not even know that I change my colour 4 times in the last month-LOL. (No stink from acetone to alert Him) The Express Remover Is Fantastic, not smell ,no mess, easy as!!! 🥰 I love it. !!!!! Ordered 3 more colours.Lol. Guess what I’m getting for my birthday more colours. Family can always find a gift for me now , Ha Har! I even did my Toes!

Simply Beautiful!

Oh, my goodness! I just love this super easy system.
I am not able to wear regular polish on the nails of my hands, as it peels off the next day.
I switched to dipping powders and gels to get a longer wear time in. But both are very time consuming between the application and removal.
I absolutely love the colors that I have chosen, and the application is so easy.
So far, I have gotten a weeks' worth of wear. I am sure I can go longer but am choosing to change out my colors at the end of each week.
I have a bit of wear on the very tips of my right hand but no chipping or peeling! I am super hard on my hands, as I am in the caregiving line of work, so I wash my hands constantly along with daily chores.
Now that I know how wonderful the Sistaco system is I will be adding to my collection of colors.
Thank you for such an amazing product.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Christine Ostwald

OMG! This was so easy. I looked at this product for months before I finally ordered it. It took me about 40 minutes to do both hands. Not bad for the first time. If you have been looking at this product, don’t hesitate. I am very sensitive to smells and There is no smell. This is Rose Gold.

Mineral Bond Nail Set
Ava Truly Scrumptious
Fabulous glamorous nails

I received my beautiful set in a lovely strong storage box. I read the booklet and immediately got to work to transform my nails! Wow within an hour I had salon style beautiful glossy sparkly nails. The finish lasted wl but a week later I redid them in a mix of fascia and lperriwinkle. The removal process was a little challenging and I will probably buy the remover device.

Beautiful colours & easy application

Love this kit! Think this could be my new addiction😊

Blossom - Classic
Tracey Mitchell
Beautiful Blossom

I am definitely a pink and purple lady but blossom is so pretty cannot say enough about it. The system is so good would not use anything else now

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