Express Remover

Removing your nail powder has never been this easy! Our specially formulated Express Remover will remove your nail powders quickly, safely and easily! Lightly buff... Read More

Removing your nail powder has never been this easy! Our specially formulated Express Remover will remove your nail powders quickly, safely and easily!

  • Lightly buff the surface of your colour.
  • Apply the Express Remover to your nail (make sure not to get any on your skin).
  • Wait 2-3 minutes and begin gently pushing away your colour with a remover tool. 
  • Wipe away any residue, and your nails will be fresh and clean, ready for your next colour!
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or 4 interest-free payments of $3.23
Pack Size:
  • 4 payments of $3.23

  • 4 payments of $3.23

Alcohol, Water(Aqua), Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Ethyl Acetate, Acetone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Isopropyl Myristate, D&C Red 33, Titanium Dioxide

Finally I have strong nails that get compliments. Sistaco is the system that I have been searching for; something quick and requires no skills to apply

Quick and Easy to Use

Our system is so simple and produces a perfect salon-quality finish every time - This is the system for all ages and experience levels. No dipping or drilling; just simply brush it on and remove easily whenever you want!


Your application will last you up to 2 weeks, often longer, protecting your nails and keeping them strong. As we’re the only nail system where you can mix your own colours, you’ll be getting creative and wanting to change sooner!


All of our products are non-toxic! They are also odour free so say goodbye to salon headaches or smelly dip kits. Sistaco is unique which is why we have hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

Money Saving

Let’s face it, it’s tough finding the time and the money to go to a salon continually. Our system will save you thousands over the year, you can do over 30 full manicures with a single pot. That’s one every 2 weeks for a YEAR! And with so many shades in our range, you will never be bored.


Customer Reviews

Based on 499 reviews
Sharon B
Works like a boss!!

This express remover is amazing! I could not believe it actually worked. I just used it to remove a classic application of Nude Pink and it worked so well! I only had to teen-tiny touch the faintest spots a second time, but wow! I have been blown away by how effective, quick and easy this whole system is to use. Sistaco, you nailed it baby!!!! Ha, did not realise the pun until I typed it😂
I am having way more fun with Sistaco's products than a grown woman should have! I have done a long wear in Rose Gold for my second Mani and I love it!! Too easy. I have yet to see how the express remover will cope on this set, but I have every confidence that I will be pleasantly surprised again.

Best Nail System

Wow! This is the easiest, most gratifying application and removal for nails! To also have it be kind to my nails and the environment, it’s gorgeous results that last past 10 days on me is a winner!
The color selection and ease of taking it off is amazing.
Thank you Sistaco!

Paula Scholl
Easy removal

Did my first removal last week with the express remover, it is very thick and several times I wiped the brush on a paper towel so it wasn’t getting back into the bottle. Overall worked well most all removed after the second application. Did not damage my nails at all.

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