LED Lamp (Rose Gold)

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LED Light is required to cure our top and base coats. Without the lamp your nails will not dry/cure. This handy sized lamp is easy to use, store & even travel with.

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Naomi Loveridge

Excellent product I love it and will definitely buy more and I will recommend you to my family

Jodanna Shiner
5 star title

Led lamp in rose gold is a must buy This product is excellent very cute and compact the led lamp in rose gold has fulfilled to somewhat part of my Wishlist.

Kind Regards and Many thank you’s
jodanna shiner.

Fiona Frasca

Very easy to use, great to have lovely nails again all from the comfort of my own home!

Susan Bradfield
Easy to use

This is the most easiest nail application I’ve ever used, three steps, base, colour and top cote. Ready to go. Have never used a powder polish but now that I have I won’t be going back. Great product with professional finish.

Sheena Gregory
Travel Buddy

This little lamp is super, works as well as the larger lamps, its great for travel as it takes up as much space as your mobile phone and with the usb connection you'll always find a place to plug it in.

Jo Wilson
Rose Gold LED Lamp

This lamp is considerably smaller and more compact than many others on the market, and the foldaway legs mean it's easily stored as it takes up very little space.

Being an LED rather than UV lit lamp is reassuring - I've never felt entirely comfortable about using UV lamps due to the associated risks of cancer. No such worries here!

The lamp works beautifully and couldn't be simpler to use. I can't believe how easy it is to have salon-quality nails at home!

Carol Barker

The LED lamp is nice and easy to use.

Gail Hogarth
Rose Gold Lamp

Excellent product

Mitzi White
rose Gold LED Lamp

This lamp takes a little longer to set the base and top coat but works so much better than the older style

Kimberly Bowman
Nail polish

Love it

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