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Q: How much will it cost to start up as a Sistaco Ambassador?

A:   The cost of becoming an Ambassador with Sistaco depends on the level at which you wish to start.  Some of our Ambassadors have lots of previous experience and want to go straight in and start doing big parties and hence they purchase a large kit.  However many want to social sell the product only and want to have a few products to wear in order to show the brand.  This concept can still be huge with social media ever growing.  Hence you can start for as little as $29.95 or as much as you wish to spend from there.  Our largest kit is $749.00 (valued at $1,500) but all our main kits can be added to with our special 50% off for the first 7 days.  Your career, your choice!


Q: What are the benefits of becoming a Sistaco Ambassador?

A: The benefits of being a Sistaco Ambassador are many and varied and it depends on the benefits each individual wants.  They are all there to be had.  Firstly, it definitely extends your social circle; meeting lots of women, some who may become life long friends.  Then there is the aspect of being able to control the time you work; so there is still plenty of time for the family.  Coupled with this is having a major input into the amount you earn; full-time or part-time, the choice is yours; parties or on-line only; team building or not; it is all down to you.  Finally, the Sistaco brand is unique, along with a product that is much admired, we have a strong ethos of wanting the world to be full of strong, confident women, making their own success stories and hence as we grow so will our charity work. We are truly a brand run by Women, for Women.  You will be part of that bigger picture.  Our journey, will be your journey.


Q: Will I receive support and training throughout my journey as a Sistaco Ambassador?

A: Certainly; we have on-line support, phone support and leader support.  If you choose to build a team, you will be part of that support network.  You will have your own log-in to our website which gives tools to run your new business, you can speak to other Ambassadors on our forum and Head Office is always available to answer any queries.


Q:  So, how do I sign up?

A: Signing up is quick and easy, all you have to do is fill out the Ambassador form below or alternatively contact our head office via phone or email with any other questions you may have. 
Phone: 07 3256 2777 




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