Hosting Faq's

Who can host a Sistaco style session?

Anyone can host a Sistaco style sesssion, all you have to do is love jewellery, love shopping and enjoy having a fun time with your girlfriends.


Does it cost the host to have a style session?

No, there is no cost to the host only lots rewards for having the Sistaco style session.


What are the benefits of hosting my own Sistaco party?

Please see our page on Rewards to review the great hostess rewards.


How many guests do I need to have to a successful Sistaco style session?

Sistaco style sessions can have anywhere from 5 to twenty guests, or even more! The bigger the better, so it’s good to invite as many people as you can as not everyone will be available, you can even encourage your guests to bring a friend or two. You can also collect orders from those who can’t make it to the style session, so don’t stress too much and have fun!


Who should I invite?

The more the merrier, you can start with your family, friends, friends of friends, even neighbours or work colleagues. You can also try your Facebook or Twitter friends.


What is the best way to invite people?

The way you chose to invite people is your choice; it could be face to face, post an invitation, over the phone, Create a Facebook invitation Facebook or email. You can also choose to send personal invitations to your guests, it’s up to you! It’s also a good idea to send out a reminder to your guests a day or two before your style session.


What about refreshments?

Guests like to feel comfortable and relaxed at style sessions, and a good way to make them feel so is by providing light refreshments at your style session. This could be anything from a cheese platter with a glass of wine if your style session is held in the evening, or tea and coffee with some biscuits, perfect for afternoon or morning tea.

If you want to liven your styles session up a bit there are some great cocktail recipes under our Hosting a Style Session Ideas tab. Don’t feel the need to go to too much trouble though, no one expects you to be making a three course meal for your guests!


What is the best way to ensure my party is fun and entertaining?

Personalising your style session to suit you and your guests is the best way to make sure the experience is fun and relaxing for all involved. We have listed a selection of tips, games, ice breakers, and cocktail recipes under our Hosting a Style Session Ideas tab, so go take a look, as sometimes playing silly little games can be the best way to make your guests feel comfortable and settled in.


When should I have my style session and how long should it run for?

This all depends on you and your guests. You can hold style sessions at any time of the day, any day of the week, so the choice is yours!

The average styles session will go for 2 to 3 hours, and can include a product description, questions and answers, games and ice breakers. The bulk of the time will be used to help guests place orders and answer any queries they may have.


What is my role in the style session?

As the style session host, we want you and your guests to have the best experience possible. If you need any assistance your ambassador will be there with you, but the most important thing is to have fun and relax with your guests!