Games Ideas


Incoporating games into your style session is a great way to make your guest feel relaxed but also learn more about the Sistaco products.

Just a Phone Call Away


At the beginning of your style session ask everyone to take out their mobile phones and hold them in their hand. You will have yours in your hand as well. Tell them this is the easiest game to win all night. Ask everyone to dial in your number – call it out to them number by number- and then when you say GO-everyone hits call. Obviously your phone will ring – simply answer the phone to find the ‘winner’ on the line. Feel free to give her a goodie, for having the fasted fingers in the room. While everyone still has their phone out, ask them to SAVE YOUR NUMBER. Tell them that they have your number forever now, and if they ever need anything just to call. Ask them to please put their phones on silent to not disrupt the style session.


Memory Tray

This style session game takes only a few minutes to play but allows the guests to see some of the pieces you're selling. Choose the pieces you really want the guests to notice. You'll need between 10 and 20 pieces depending on personal preference. Place the jewellery items on a tray covered with a towel. Remove the towel and walk around so all of the guests get to see the contents of the tray. Then replace the towel so no one can see the jewellery. The guests then write down as many of the pieces of jewellery as they can remember. The guest who remembers the most items is the winner.


Catalogue Pictionary 

Let each guest go through the catalogue and pick out a product that really stands out to them. Then ask for volunteers to come and draw their product for our Pictionary game. They cannot write words or give it away, but they can tell everyone what they would use the product for as they are drawing until someone correctly guesses the product. 



Trivia games work well for style sessions because you can customize them to fit the situation. Create a list of trivia questions about jewellery in general or about the specific pieces from the latest Sistaco collection. You can let the guests play individually or divide them up into two teams. Each correct answer earns the person or the team a point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the trivia game wins. You can make this game as short or long as you want depending on how many trivia questions you include.


Custom Jeweller


The guests interact with each other and the jewellery in this style session game. The guests pair up for the game. Based on their previous knowledge of each other or on the way they are dressed, the guests pick out pieces of jewellery for each other. The guests then model the jewellery selected by their partners so everyone can see it. You can also talk about the different pieces briefly as they are being modelled.