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Sistaco and Awaken Mozambique


Sistaco started in May 2011 after a gap was found in the accessories market for affordable statement pieces that are fashionable for all ages.The name Sistaco came about after it was decided that the business wanted to support women, not just in Australia but in less fortunate countries as well.

A company run by women, for women, means that a large part of the philosophy is to inspire women to be themselves and to be strong, independent and confident.

This philosophy is not only met through the confidence women gain in wearing the product, but through education, inspiring stories and the knowledge that they are supporting something bigger than themselves.

After much deliberation, our major charity interest currently is  Awaken Mozambique.

'Awaken Mozambique is a 'not for profit' organisation that supports a range of people across the community of Mozambique to realise thier dreams, my starting a buisness through microfinancing. Sistaco recognises the need to particularly support women in developing countries and we have chosen to help these women start their businesses.  A lot of these women are the only means of income for their family and are often providing for children from other families where there are no surviving parents.

Not only are the women assisted financially, but part of the package includes business education, teaching them techniques such as budgeting, purchasing and salaries.

This form of charity work has proven results and not only affects the person receiving the loan, but also their family and the community around them.

Sistaco will support individual women in Mozambique and will provide step by step case studies on the business they start and the change it is making in their and their children’s lives.

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Below are the Woman Sistaco has currently supported through this program and thier stories:


Adelina is 37 years of age. She is married with 5 children 4 of whom are at school. There is one family member living with them. Her husband currently earns $100 per month and is the only income earner. In the past Adelina has sold bananas and oranges but would like to start a canteen. Through Awaken Mozambique, Sistaco have helped Adelina realise her dream of starting a canteen through our first loan with the organisation. We look forward to sharing with you the progress of Adelina's business and how it changes her life.


"Adelina borrowed to set up her first business. Her family consists of 8 people who were being supported entirely on the $100 per month earned by herhusband. They live inthe poorest of accommodation made of bamboo and stones.She has struggled to repay the loan and has still 6 of the 10 payments to make.She started outplanning a canteen but changed to selling sleeping mats, but this was not successful. She acknowledges she made a mistake by buying land rather than investing in the business. She also acknowledges that she didn‘t seek help from the staff when things started going wrong. Her biggest challenge was budgeting as she discovered that it took much longer than she expected to make the mats, she reduced the price to sell them quickly and failed to make a profit. She still has aspirations to build a canteen but will be unable to borrow further funds until she has repaid the money she currently owes."



Fatima is 39 years of age and runs a business selling roasted chickens. She currently supports a family of seven people, four of whom are children at school. There is one non family member living with them. Fatima supports her family on her current income of $120 per month. She would like to extend her business to sell fish and chips. Through a microloan from Awaken Mozambique, Fatima is able to grow her business, learn the skills required to make her business viable and successful, and have the opportunity to provide more for her family.


 "Fatima is a 39 year old woman who lives in a household of 7 people. They are renting the house. She borrowed to extend her chicken business. She has so far made 3 months payment of the 10 month loan. She states that this is because of business difficulties.She has participated in the training and realises that she has a lot to learn about management to be successful in business.She would like to borrow again once she has repaid this loan."


Elsa Antonio is 36 years old,living in a household of 10 people, who were supported by her husband whose job brought in about $80 permonth. They have 4 children and support 3 non family members. She borrowed the money to set up a fruit stall.


Elsa has not yet made anyrepayments. She has been ill. However she now has 3 canteens and contributes to supporting the family. She would like to build a more substantial canteen.


Julia Kulea, aged 50 has a family of 7, with children aged between 13 and 33 years of age. Currently she has 2 children in school with only an approximate income of $120 per month. Julia is seeking to operate a fish business. She has had limited education, completing only to 1st grade. Sistaco is so happy to be helping Julia with her business goals and dreams.

We hope to hear about Julia's Progress with her business in the near future.

Awaken Mozambique is proud to be a partner for Project J495 Awaken Mozambique with Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993).

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